The prostate glans is located at the outlet of the bladder. Any infection or inflammation of the prostate can result in the development of prostatitis. Prostatitis is a common problem in men and is classified into acute or chronic prostatitis.

Acute Prostatitis

This condition is secondary to a bacterial infection in the prostate and patients are unwell with a fever, pain in the perineum and difficulty passing urine. The infection can be so severe that generalised sepsis can develop if antibiotics are not administered promptly. Patients are normally admitted to hospital in order to have intravenous antibiotics and pain relief. In rare cases a prostatic abscess may also develop which requires drainage.

Chronic Prostatitis

In some individuals intermittent exacerbations of pain without the presence of bacteria may occur. It is important to establish the correct diagnosis and administer treatment which may include antibiotics, alpha blockers or just symptomatic treatment.

Classification of Prostatitis

The classification according to the NIDDK/NIH is shown below and an accurate diagnosis should be established before commencing treatment

Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome

Some men will develop long term pain in the pelvis following prostatitis or it may develop due to an unknown cause. Mr Muneer has access to multiparametric MRI scans to image the pelvis and prostate in order to establish a diagnosis and ensure that there is no other underlying lesion accounting for the pain.






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