Haematospermia (blood in the semen)

What is haematospermia?

Haematospermia is the presence of blood in the semen. In the majority of cases this is an entirely benign condition and does not cause any problems for the patient or their partner. It is generally self-limiting but repeated blood in the semen does require investigation.

How is it treated?

A consultation with a specialist and examination will determine whether further investigations are required. If investigations are deemed necessary depending on the age of the patient or the pattern of bleeding then an ultrasound scan of the prostate and seminal vesicles is performed, together with an analysis of the urine and semen. Occasionally prostatic cysts, inflammation or prostatic stones are diagnosed.

Add Figure showing prostatic cyst

For persistent haematospermia, any underlying cause is treated first. If there is any evidence of infection then a course of antibiotics can resolve the problem. In troublesome haematospermia a diagnostic camera test into the urethra is also performed, particularly in men of an older age group, to ensure that no abnormality is present near the ejaculatory ducts. However, in the majority of individuals the underlying cause may not be identified and the condition is self limiting.

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